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Full name: James Spittal
School: Brunswick Secondary College
VCE Graduation Year: 2006
Year 12 Subjects: English, Math Methods, Physics, Further Maths, Information Processing & Management
Location: Melbourne, Australia
About: Hi! I'm James Spittal.

I was a VCE student back in 2006.

I started Merspi to make VCE less of a pain in the backside.

I have a passionate interest in attempting to improve Education for the better in Australia.

I'm fascinated by learning, innovation and looking at how the Education system is being affected on a global scale by the Internet and the 'Information Age'.

I am always interested in hearing feedback from people about Merspi and connecting with teachers, schools, tutors and students!

Drop me an e-mail at - I'd love to have a chat!.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @jamesspittal where I generally post the thoughts, quotes and things that I find most interesting.

Thanks for helping to make Merspi great!

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