Is it possible to score 90 with:

  1. average of C for Eng Lang,
  2. D for Physics & Methods,
  3. B+ for HHD (Health and Human Development),
  4. A for Indo (Indonesian Second Language); and
  5. A+ for Music Performance?


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Welcome to Merspi.

The easiest way to calculate your approximate score is to use an ATAR Score Calculator.

If you input your approximate scores/study scores into this link, you should be able to work out roughly what your resulting score is: http://vce.atarcalc.com/

Assuming you're able to achieve the following approximate study scores:

English Language: 30
Physics: 25
Mathematical Methods (CAS): 25
Health and Human Development: 35
Indonesian (SL): 40
VCE VET Music: 40

Estimated ATAR Score based upon these scores: 84.75

So, I'd say it's possible. Your best bet is to try get as close to a perfect score in VCE Music as possible - e.g: 47 - 50.

With a score of 48 in VCE Vet Music, your estimated ATAR score is approximately 90.70.

Hope that helps!

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thank you for your comment
No worries! Best of luck getting the score you're after!
oh, i forgot to ask, what kind of mark on my exam would i need to get a 30 in physics and methods? to raise my SAC average?
High C+ to B should get you approximately 30 study score - high A/low A+ should get you a 35 study score.
But that said, it's hard to predict sometimes. Ultimately, aim for higher than what you want so that way - even if you fall short, you'll be fine. Good luck.