If you are a past student, what were you able to achieve in terms of how much work you did in the school holidays before year 12?

Please be detailed!

If you are not a past student, what do you hope to do by the end? Please mention if you are past or present student.

(Question originally posted by raggeee in this question)

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In the December holidays of year 11 I did relatively little, absolutely honest here. For one, I still had not received my textbook, and for second no matter if I wanted to study, I know I wouldn't being end of year 11, Christmas and New Years fast approaching, and just having completed year 11 exams. One needs to relax! By the end of your year 11 exams you are drained, and looking at doing work etc is not a good prospect.

What I did do however was begin reading my English novels, I enjoy reading so why not? To me it wasn't "work" per se, but rather sometihng relaxing.

If my Holiday homework was something simple like "read chapter 1 and do the multiple choice" I did that as well, since once again reading isn't hard, and circling in dots is a breeze.

English was the subject with the most work, I didn't really get much for other subjects. I was required to make a chapter-by chapter summary of the book I was reading and thus I did it in the January part of  the holidays.

I think it's also improtant to note, I did my own annotations for the English text with my second reading to save me a lot of time in the year, for it worked out to be a wise move, since as a class we spent over 2 weeks "annotating" and "reading together", which allowed me to instead be writing practice essays for the up coming SAC.

I also made sure to write up a chapter summary for the first 2-3 chapters of each of my subjects from the textbook, it wasn't set homework, but it was for  my own benefit (taking me several days,to a week to complete), once again this was done in January, December was a relaxing period.

Hope that gives an idea! In the end I got way above the ENTER i expected, and it was more than enough to get me into my course, so just goes to show a little bit of work certainly pays off, because you would not believe how my mid year you are flooded with SACS all occurring on the same day or a 1-2 days apart for EVERY subject.

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Haha, I'm doing the exact same thing as you, Going through all my chemistry/methods.

I spoke to James and Colin today and they both told me they didnt do anything in the holidays preceding VCE and they both ended up getting really high scores.

But for those who aren't natural geniuses, at least reading through your textbooks is a really good idea as when your teacher goes over it in class, there'll be some form of familiarity and just going over it a second time in class will increase your memory of it ten fold.
I know a few people who did their whole methods/spesh course over the summer holidays and scored 50's easily

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