English oral survey on the new myki system in Australia, whether it is effective and useful for Australians and tourists.

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Has the new "Myki" system worked well and effectively for you? I am only guessing here, is this is a "media issue" for an Oral, in VCE English either Unit 3 or Unit 4?

Perhaps the following will help:


If it is an "oral presentation" on a "media issue", then some of the links above should help. I could of course give a personal opinion, as when you have been "around a bit", outside Australia and outside Melbourne, you can clearly see the benefits of some other systems over the "Myki" as it currently stands; Myki is Victoria's "contribution" to integrating a public transport system with a "smart card". There are of course "+" and "-" with all political decisions re. public transport andwe only have the system for which the government (in their wisdom) ... and whatever variety) provide taxpayers' money to develop.

Anecdotal evidence and personal opinions abound, but when compared to other systems around the world with for example the Hong Kong "Octopus Card" there are comparisons that can be made. You may wish to draw your own conclusions.

I hope that the links provide you with some interesting reading ...

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