My teacher, textbook, the internet, and English Lecturer all say different methods.

Does anybody have a suggested structure/layout for a Language Analysis on 1, 2 and 3 articles?

Much appreciated

3 Answers

You should state the contention of the author. Then head straight into the analysis.

Make sure you remember to mention any included picture or image, as it is a cue, just like any other persuasive technique!
I don't believe that a strict format or structure is necessary.

Here's some general tips for writing a Language Analysis:

Practice writing sentences like "This rhetorical question causes the reader to question their previous assumptions on the issue."
Pay careful attention to any included pictures or images in the articles. They often include a lot of symbolism that can be referenced in your Language Analysis
Mark or underline key words or phrases as you first read the articles. These will be your visual cues for what you plan to write about.

That's just three quickly off the top of my head. I'm sure there's plenty extra advice others may be able to contribute!
depending on the level of writing you need never say "this is a rhetorical question" or "this is..." blah blah blah. it makes you seem like a smartass. trust me i lost marks for it ><