This comes from a VCE Chemistry examination question (Question 11, Multiple-choice, 2009).

Which one of the following statements about propene is not correct?

A. It undergoes an addition reaction with hydrogen to form propane.
B. It undergoes a polymerisation reaction expelling water in the process.
C. Weak dispersion forces act between propene molecules and consequently it is a gas at room
D. One propene molecule will react with excess oxygen to produce three molecules of water and three molecules of carbon dioxide.

The correct multiple choice answer is option (D). Why?

I tried balancing the equation as follows
C3H6 + (9/2)O2 ----> 3CO2 + 3H2O

Is having 9/2 possible? Could someone explain why D is the answer please?

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Double negatives were a little confusing here so I reworded. D is the correct answer but an incorrect statement.

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The answer is B...

D is correct (hence not the answer) because of the equation you produced.

9/2 is possible - it is just a ratio as reactions will not really happen on a 1:1 molecule basis but more with many molecules at once. If you must, you can multiply it all by 2 and it can seem more real

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