I am in Year 10 and planning to do VCE Biology Units 3/4 in Year 11.

Only thing: I'm not sure whether we are allowed to.

I have done VCE Biology 1/2 at home but not at school. The question is will my school let me do VCE Biology 3/4 without doing 1/2 during school?

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You should be allowed to, from a VCAA perspective (the body that administers and regulates the VCE). Schools can make certain things unavailable or compulsory though (e.g. compulsory religious education in catholic schools, or no specialist maths class if the cohort is too small, etc.)

In fact, people sometimes do Biology 3/4 without the 1/2 background. It is not 100% necessary.


Yes. As far as I'm aware: you can. (But you may need to get your school's approval).

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