What's the (easiest) way to get a perfect ATAR score in 2013?

Is there anyone here on Merspi.com.au who has done that before? (or at least gotten close)?

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Congratulations on having such an ambitious goal and knowing what you want!

You may not get there, but you're in the select group of top students who aim to succeed at the highest level.

Here's my tips on how to get a perfect ATAR score:

  1. Get a tutor for each of your subjects (if you can afford it)
  2. Merspi like crazy. (shameless self plug ;-) )
  3. Teach as many of your fellow students as you can. 'The best way to learn is to teach.'
  4. Enrol in group tuition classes (e.g: TSFX, Engage Education, Mental Blank. The more, the better.)
  5. Create study groups with people outside of your school who have similar goals.
  6. Surround yourself and study with people who have similar goals in terms of ATAR score.
  7. Create a study timetable.
  8. Write down your ATAR goal on a piece of paper and put it up in your room, in the bathroom, etc. This is a useful way to remind yourself what you're after.
  9. Find a 'mentor' who has achieved a perfect ATAR score in the last couple years and pay them to give you advice on how they did it on a weekly basis.

That's how I'd approach it. That said, I didn't get a perfect ATAR score so I'm not the best person to be asking.

Best of luck!

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One thing I forgot to add - practice exams. Do as many of them as possible and start doing them as early in the year as possible if you can.

i got somewhat close (97); and it's not easy; but here are some things i DID, and even though i didn't get the 'perfect' score, i wouldn't do anything differently (i think). Also, from my university studies, i've found that it is important to:

  • Be flexible in learning; if one way of study is frustrating, change. Don't take others as a guide, but others as ideas
  • Be metacognitive: think about your thinking; identify explicitly any problems of content, and word them out if possible (this is where merspi comes in)

what i did (for exams):

  • Go through your units' study designs; tick off all the things you've covered, clarify anything confusing
  • Practice exams, esp. (and i only did) the current study designs' + whatever is given in your class
  • Enjoy the content

During the year, organise your notes/worksheets.
the thing is, what's easy/easiest for one learner is not so for someone else; so accept these tips as ideas, not guides.

I did not do more than half of Spittal's suggestion, and i am NOT saying they are not valid: it's just the way i learn is very isolated: my point is, think about how you learn, and accelerate that; and it should be 'easier'.

and perfect scores get boring

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@Ken: Excellent points, mate. Everyone learns differently and it's important to think about how you learn best. There's an interesting link I found about the different learning styles: kinesthetic, visual and auditory: http://www.learningrx.com/types-of-learning-styles-faq.htm