I am currently a Year 11 student, going onto year 12 next year. I want to ask previous VCE students about mistakes they have made/or mistakes others have made, and how to avoid them.

In your opinion, how do you avoid disasters while studying and preparing for your final exams?
What I mean by disasters is mistakes that you could have avoided, or things you could have done better to achieve a higher enter score.

I really look forward to reading your replies.

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Hi Noora!

Welcome to Merspi.

I just finished my VCE, and I think your question is a great one.

My advice is;

If you do not understand a topic or even the smallest, most "un-important" aspect/statement etc, work on it/ask a teacher. I found that all the things that I made sure to understand (a few weeks before the exam I went back to go over my weak points) appeared on the exam! I missed one thing though.

In Visual Communication and Design, we were required to draw an image, and include a SYMBOL (this was a convention that all artists need to do), I never bothered learning what it looked like/where it goes/how to draw it, and a question came up worth well over 15% of my exam, which required me to draw an image, and include this symbol, had I went over it (which 2 nights before the exam came across my mind, but i was too lazy) I wouldn't have lost marks!It was such a SIMPLE question!

I found that to be a successful VCE student when it comes to exams you HAVE to have done a few past exams. Remember, you have never, ever done an official exam set by the VCAA, how will you know what type of questions they ask? How will you know how long your answers are needed to be? How will you know how much time you have? I started doing past exams early on in the year, and I found out that in English I was spending MORE than 3 hours for the 2008 exam, over the year I did a few essays under timed conditions, and was able to finish all my exam for english under the time =D It really works!

This is important, beause at school we were given the question 3 days before SACS and were given 2 periods of 70 minutes to plan, a SINGLE essay question...not good practise for exams, were you are not at liberty to waste time!

People say to go back and check your answers and multiple choice. This is important! For the Maths exam, we have to shade the mutiple choice answer sheet, 10 minutes before we finished I checked my answer sheet, and found I left 5 circles BLANK! I would have lost marks for no reason! So I quickly went back to colour these in

Good luck for year 12, and Noora don't worry. It is not as hard as people make out, it really is like year 11.

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