What are some of the revision lectures that are available to VCE students?

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There are a whole range of VCE revision lectures. Some are free to attend, others have a (minimal -> large) fee.

In no particular order,

Private Companies & Not-For-Profit Organisations

Engage Education - $56 VCE Revision Lectures

6.5 hours of content and exam tips. 24 subjects. Engage Education is run by Callum Forbes, who I've met before and he's a nice guy and intelligent operator. I haven't attended these revision lectures myself personally but I'm sure they're high quality.

Connect Engage - Headstart Lectures

Connect lectures are designed by outstanding lecturers to target the most challenging aspects of your subject and earn you the marks you deserve.

The School For Excellence

The School For Excellence (TSFX) have been around for many years (since I did VCE).


Universites quite often run VCE lectures. Unfortunately, they tend to be poorly promoted and difficult to find out about by googling or searching the web. They also tend to be sporadic. Some years they cover a lecture on one of the IT subjects and the next year they might not bother.

But, it's worth checking them out because they tend to be quite good and very cheap (or even free).

Monash University

I haven't attended one of these, so I can't comment but I've heard many students talking about them.

Victoria University

I attended one of the Victoria University revision lectures in 2006. It was quite good. The presenter was a teacher in the subject from Melbourne High School, so he had excellent knowledge of what would be on the test and what wouldn't be on the test. I paid about $57.

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