What kind of SACs or assignments do you get for VCE english? and does it required a lot of hard work?

Thank you.

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When I did VCE English (a couple years ago now), I did a range of SACs/assignments including:

1. A speech on politics to the class (oral assessment)
2. Studying the text 'I'm Not Scared' by Niccolò Ammaniti
3. Studying the film 'Gattaca'

The level of work required to do well in VCE English largely depends on how well you're looking to do in my opinion. To achieve a study score of over 40, is fairly competitive. To get to a high level score in VCE English requires a lot of writing practice essays and tearing them apart (with constructive feedback from others) and trying again.

Being able to memorize quotes and draw impressive conclusions helps too. For me, I found reading A+ essays and examples of A+ responses helped a lot too.

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There are three areas of study and these mandate the SAC tasks:
Reading and Responding, where you read two texts in year 12 and write 2 essays on them for SACs.
Creating and Presenting, where you read two texts in year 12 and use them to inspire 2 pieces of writing of pretty much any form you can write well.
Using Language to Persuade, where you must analyse the way language and visuals are used to persuade a reader of a particular position. As a part of this area of study you are also required to present your point of view on an issue in an oral presentation.

The end of year exam will get you to write one more piece for each area of study, totalling three pieces in three hours.

English does require a lot of hard work, because in order to distinguish yourself from the middle band you have to exhibit very strong analytical skills and be able to write in an engaging and assured way. This takes an incredible amount of practice. It is easy to underestimate how much practice you need. You need loads. And then some more.

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