One of my teacher is against it and I really want to attend Melbourne Uni. I would like to know the good things and bad things about the uni, but in lamen's terms haha.

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I'll try to summarise all I know about it:

All undergratuate degrees are now almost exclusively limited to Bacherlors of Commerce, Biomedicine, Science, Environments and Arts.
Some Bachelor degrees were removed, such as the Bachelor of Engineering. If you want to do Engineering, you have do one of the above (for 3 years) and then move on  to a Masters of Engineering.
You can't do double degrees anymore.
You don't really specialise in a subject until later on in your course. For some people who are unclear in what they want to specialise in, this gives them the opportunity to see what they like first.
In some cases, you can get a Masters degree in a shorter time than some other universities.

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^^^^^Wow this guy makes the new model sound so depressing.

I did VCE last year and am currently at Melbourne Uni doing the BCom and it was by far the best decision of my life.

You have 6 new general undergraduate degrees instead of your standard single and double undergraduate degrees you get at Monash etc. The benefit is you get a broad understanding in your first three years and then can go on and do some form of postgraduate course. Most postgrads are 2 years which means for someone like me who is doing the bachelor of commerce and then planning on doing a Master of Finance (2 years) will leave uni after 5 years and hold a undergrad and postgrad masters whereas a kid from deakin or monash who does a double may come out with a double degree in say commerce/economics after 5 years, on paper you're taking the same time to finish uni and enter the workforce, difference is you've graduated from the most prestigious uni in the country and you also have a masters degree.

Within your general degree you pick a major (some majors are compatible double majors). For eg in the BCom you can do; Actuarial studies, business, economics, marketing, management, finance or accounting (I'm doubling in accounting and finance).

Your first year includes lots of compulsory subjects like introductory microeconomics and quantitative methods 1 with a few spots on your timetable to select certain subjects from those spoecialist areas i mentioned above. As you get to 2nd and 3rd year you essentially branch off into those area/s you want and to get a major you must complete 3 third year subjects that are predetermined by the uni. Eg if you want a finance major like me you MUST enrol in and pass; derivative securities, investments, and corporate finance.

This whole breadth system is what people dont like, personally i think its great. It basically states that you must pick a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 subjects in your course that are from another faculty. I.e so if your like me and love commerce but perhaps would be interested in doing something for fun or to pursue other interests you could enrol in a language subject without doing an arts degree (lol) or pick a music subject if you enjoy playing instruments etc. You cant do that at monash or deakin etc like if you pick say a double commerce/economics youre stuck with it. I can vouch for its benefits, I loved economics in year 12 but am absolutely hating it in uni, so from my original eco/finance major all i have to do is enrol in different subjects next year and end up with accounting/finance instead.

Melbourne is by a long way the best university to attend, whilst i have no experience at other universities, the quality of staff and facilities is second to none. We have economics lecturers with phd's from russia, sweden, germany etc. as well as australian lecturers that have studied at top universities in the US. For example my accounting tutor is a postgraduate student who has recently accepted an offer to study at Columbia university in New York (where Barack Obama graduated from and is also an ivy league uni alongside harvard, duke etc.)

My dad is also a director and ceo at a large accounting firm in the cbd and told me if he was to ever get an applicant from melbourne with a solid subject average (70%+) he said he'd give them the job without a second thought. Also noted that he has had many situations where he has had an applicant from monash and melbourne and he tore up the monash applicant simply because melbourne is more prestigious and attractive to employers.

Hope that helps your decision, its a great new system, great student life and a very beautiful campus/environment to learn in (Y).

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