I have been worrying a lot lately about my enter score.

Although later on this year I might be going on exchange to England for 5 months and will have to repeat year 12 again next year I'm still trying hard to get good marks at the moment.

Currently my subjects and grades are:

Biology: B.
Geography: C+ (part 1 of the SAC, part 2 is next week and I'm hoping to bring the grade up with that one).
Further Math: C+ (this one was worth very little and I hope to make up the grades on the next SAC).
Chemistry: I've done two SAC's but I have no idea what the grades are cause the teacher's an ass and doesn't give us the results.
Literature: A+ (I always do well in english subjects so I'm hoping that I can keep this grade up and do well with that).

I'm nearing the end of term one and I really need some advice.

I would just like to know if I still have even a slight chance of getting a 93. I would love to get that so then I can decide then whether I would like to do Law at Deakin or Science at Monash.

If I do have a chance, what would I need to do to get there?

Thank you for any advice :)

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1 Answer

It depends on the difficulty of the SACs within your school and which school you go to. You need to at least be above average for the slight chance (in most cases). I really can't tell you whether or not you have a chance because a letter grade is meaningless until it is moderated. Hope that helps.

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