I was wondering what scores I would achieve for year 12 Maths Methods, by looking at my year 11 scores.

I slacked off on maths in year 11 and I really regret it, my average SAC mark was a 55%. I would do a little over half the Chapter exercises and half the Chapter Review over 3 days before a test.

I know that if I actually did my work properly I could've done a lot better. Since I probably don't have the skills I should have, is it too late to catch up?

I am hoping to achieve a study score of at least 25 in Maths Methods. If I dedicated a lot more time to maths and get a tutor will this be possible? and what SAC marks will I be looking at?

I know this is really hard to estimate!

Basically, I want to know if I should continue doing Maths Methods! and if I study really hard will I be able to pull off 55-60% in SACs and the end of year EXAM?

Thanks so much for your help guys!

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1 Answer

You should continue to do Methods, especially if you enjoy maths or if it's one of the prerequisites for the course you're hoping to get into.

A few months is a lot of time. It's more than enough to catch up in my opinion. If you truly study hard, you'll achieve a lot higher than 55-60%. You could always use your teachers, friends and this site to fill in any gaps you may have missed out on.

It really helps if you go through last year's SACs (if you still have them) and find out what you do and don't know.

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