I only need a raw study score of 25 for Maths Methods so I need some help to estimate SAC marks.

If I got an average of 50% on my SACs and 50% on both the exams what would my study score and grade assessment scores be?

Thanks for your help guys!

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I did Year 12 last year and was much like you needing only a 25 in methods as a pre-requisite to get into my course (which I got).

First what I'm going to say is a lot of the indecisive answers you get on this website can be frustrating when you ask for a rough idea as to what you need for a certain study score with the favourite answer seeming to be 'it varies depending on the year', in reality the state average is similar from year to year because you will always have your freaks at the top . . . and the not so good lingering at the bottom.

I averaged around about the 50% mark in SACs all year, even dropping to lows such as 30 to 40% except I did do really well in the end of year probability 2 part sac (100% & 86ish%). I figured out my exam scores were roughly around 24-27/40 for exam 1 and about 35-45/80 for exam 2 and I ended up with a raw 30.

The state average in exams seems to always be around the 50-55% mark so keeping around there will get you around a 30. Of course though, unless you're gifted at maths, thinking you can not do any work all year and pull a 30 in methods you'd be kidding yourself, I slacked for most the year but really did put in hard yards during September holidays for methods and got what i needed. My advice is really concentrate on a topic you're good at (for me it was probability obviously) because the 2nd exam is broken up into usually 4 questions, usually 1 question is completely based on probability another on trigonometry another will be lots of function sort of stuff (i.e. graphing/stating domains, ranges, inverses) and also a question which is from left field. If you go back over the last few years you will notice the patter (that's what doing hundreds of practice exams does to you lol). Each question is generally worth between 14-19 marks and if you can nail 1 topic, plus go solidly in multi choice cause multi choice questions are perfect for your CAS and then pinch basic marks from the other 3 questions your looking already at a mark of around 40/80.

I was average at methods at best, so if I can get a 30 - it can't be too difficult . . . just don't fall too far behind.

Good luck!

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Hey Matt - that's such a great response! I'm just wondering on my SAC 1: I got 80% and on SAC 2 & SAC 3 - I got 60%. SAC 4 - I'm guessing i got 30%, what kind of a study score am I looking at if i get around 40-50% in each of the exams?