Hey :)

I'm starting year 11 this year and I really need advice on whether it's good to do two units 3 & 4 in year 11 without doing their units 1&2. I've chosen text & traditions as one and the other biology.

It is with biology that I'm doubting myself. Is biology 3&4 hard or will I be capable to do it.

Also, I'm extremely scared for sitting for two 3&4 exam papers :(

So please, I need help and advice on whether it's good to do two units 3&4 subjects in year 11 and will it help me in year 12 if I do them?

Will really appreciate your thought :)

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Hey :) I think you'll be able to do Biology 3+4 especially because the workload is spread-out (or at least there's less pressure on one exam).

It'll help you in Year 12 because you can have a decreased amount of work so you can concentrate devote more time to less subjects.

Also, you have a back up - if you perform poorly in Biology, let's say, you can divert your study to Text & Traditions and repeat Biology in Year 12, perhaps. Doing poorly in a subject isn't going to ruin you as long as you do well in at least four overall.

These questions might also help:


Hope that helped! If you have any other questions just drop me a comment on this answer. Good luck!
I did 2 3/4 subjects last year without the 1/2s as a year 11 student and I achieved successful scores (both 40+), although I did totally different subjects. The trick is to balance your time. Although your 3/4s have to be prioritised, don't completely ignore your 1/2s as in some subjects, 1/2s are the foundations of the 3/4. This is extremely applicable to maths, chem and lotes.

Regards to Bio 3/4 without 1/2, it can be done very successfully. The scoring is more spread out with a mid-year exam, so there's less pressure to perform well in the one exam.

If you find that you don't want to do it once school starts for whatever reason, you can always pull out before the cutoff date (usually around late March/early April, you'd have to check) and it won't count for anything.

Good luck!
There's no need to be worried about 2 year 12 exams. I did 2 last year and had no problems. It is a good experience for year 12 where you will have to do 4 or 5 exams at the end of the year (more if you are doing maths). If you put in the right amount of time and effort into these subjects (as well as your 1&2 subjects) you should finish the year with good scores and be much more prepared for year 12 than other students who didn't do a 3&4.
I am studying unit 3/4 Biology this year. I did Unit 2, but my school does not even run Unit 1 Biology as they consider it unrelated, or not related enough to the Year 12 content.

I would suggest borrowing a Year 11 Biology text book and making yourself familiar with basic cell biology, if you aren't already, but overall I wouldn't be worried about not having done unit 1/2.