I have a very good memory, and when considering which vce subjects i should do, i thought i should take this into account as i can use this to an advantage. I was generally thinking subjects along the lines of - biology, lotes, etc. - Rote based.

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Certainly not Biology, there is complex application to unfamiliar and dynamic situations. LOTE, to an extent, yes. Essay topics can be quite predictable although listening comprehension and the like are totally unprecedented. VCAA tries to structure subjects so people can't get away with rote-learning, so I doubt that there would be many subjects of this nature.
Are you sure about biology not being a rote based subject. Many people have told me it is.
texts and traditions, legal and humanities subjects

i'm just guessing though!
Also, when i say memory based subjects i am better of not writing a whole essay for it(as i am not very good at essays). i was thinking a subject where it is mainly multi choice or short answer.
From what I have heard and experienced,

-legal studies (definitely more of memorising the study design)


-business management** (I think)

-information technology**

-health and human development**

**Don't trust me on these ones, it's only from what I've heard and seen

However, most of the memory based subjects require the knowledge of applying them to scenarios.
For example, with legal studies, there were questions based on a scenario about a man who was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.
I would say Biology is a memory based subject,as well as subs like Geography, Economics, Health and HD and History.