I am currently completing 5 subjects in unit 3 & 4
My subjects include:
. English
. Chemistry
. Legal
. Business
. Methods

I have trouble with math methods. The workbook questions I am able to completely easily, yet when it comes to the exam, it feels like I've never learnt the material before.
My proposal is to study alot for chem legal and business (which I am confident in).
I predict my primary 4 contributing to my atar will be those 3 subjects and english.
Should I take focus off methods?
What do you guys propose? Thanks

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My (personal) advice would be to get a VCE tutor for Maths Methods so that you can build confidence in it. With the right VCE tutor and regular tutoring, it's quite possible you'll find that Maths Methods becomes easier and by the time it comes to the exam: you'll be absolutely fine.

Personally, my biggest regrets from VCE come from the subjects where I didn't do as well as I probably could have in terms of study score (e.g: they were lower than my primary 4). If I think back, a big part of the reason for this was probably related to the teacher.

The right teacher can make a subject you don't like very much fun and engaging, the wrong teacher can make a subject you might otherwise like very boring, dull and uninspiring.

Retrospectively, I probably should have found myself a VCE Tutor (and finding the right one can be tough sometimes!) for the subjects where I was weak and not only would I have performed better in that particular subject - but also I would know a lot more about it to this day and feel more satisfied.

It's easy to forget when you're in VCE mode that it's not just about the score - it's also about learning for learning's sake and for knowledge to some degree. I completed VCE in 2006 personally and I still use Maths Methods concepts and other things I learned in Year 12 all the time.

So, to summarize, my short answer would be: Don't try to game the system. Just try to be awesome at everything and do whatever you need to do to get the right support/advice/mentoring/tutoring/content to fill any of your 'knowledge' and/or 'skill gaps'.

Good luck!

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Scientifically speaking, since you expect Methods to count 10% as your bottom subject, you should balance your efforts such that, an hour spent on study, for example, will improve your scores in other subjects by at least 1/10th as much as it would improve your Methods score.

That equation looks like you should ignore Methods, but it starts to become more relevant when you've "maxed out" how well you can do in your other subjects. Subjects have a learning curve, so eventually an hour spent on Chemistry might be a lot more ineffective than an hour spent on Methods.

Also, you should think of Methods as risk mitigation. What if you screw up Legal/Chemistry/Business for whatever reason? If you do, Methods may actually be surprise #4. It's an insurance policy to de-risk. This suggests even further you should focus more on Methods.

You should be able to handle study for 5 subjects. Try to keep a fairly even balance on them all.

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