For Non-Year 12 VTAC applicants: where/how do we find out about Early Round Offers?

I finished year 12 last year, went to uni for a semester, finished the mid year exams and got my results.

But then deferred because I wanted to get into a University closer to my home.

So I put in a internal University transfer for Monash Peninsula (I was at Gippsland) into their Bachelor of Nursing but won't hear back about my transfer until early December, so I also applied through VTAC for other Uni Nursing courses.

I was told I might receive an Early Round offer as a non year 12 applicant.

But I was wondering: How do i find out if i got an early round offer? Someone said the same way I did last year, which was through the Paper lift out... then a few days later i got my offer in the mail... I was just wondering are the newspapers releasing an early round offers lift out this Friday


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I received an Early Offer through VTAC.

You need to log into MyInfo section with the details you where given when you applied.

In other words: your VTAC ID and password and you will see there will be a section called 'Offer status'.

Click on that and it will tell you if you have received an early offer.

I also got a letter in the mail the following day and a few days later, another letter from the university I got into mailed me a letter. So, you would have received a letter anyway.

Good luck.

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They are available through MyInfo on the VTAC website. They are released on Friday the 26th, 2pm.

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