Could someone please give me a sample answer for this question? The acutal text you're studying is irrelevant to me, as i only wish to see how you bring together production elements to explain setting+function.
Perhaps a plan as to how'd you tackle it.
This is a 5 mark question, to which a page of writing space is allocated.
The VCAA solutions are pathetically vague and unhelpful, so please don't provide me with an 'answer' which does nothing but refer to me them.

Question 3
Using the other text studied for narrative, explain how two production elements listed below combine to convey
aspects of a setting and its function in the narrative.
• lighting
• sound
• editing/vision and sound design and mixing
• visual composition and mise en scène


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1 Answer

Have you read the assessment report?
"This question focused on the production element of ‘setting and its function in the narrative’; however, many responses
wrote about a setting without demonstrating an understanding of how and why a particular setting functions in a
narrative. That is, any setting in a narrative has been specifically chosen for a range of creative reasons, and it has been
specifically constructed to support and enhance those reasons. This applies even with ‘natural’ settings, such as a
riverbank setting for a Western. The question asked students to write about a particular setting rather than the location
of the whole film.
Some responses on lighting did not discuss the element in enough detail, such as a spotlight, or a ‘red’ filter, and gave
comments such as ‘Lighting is seen at the end of the scene.’ A setting could have a range of functions, for example, as
part of the establishment of a character, to reveal important aspects of the narrative, or to change the narrative’s
The following extracts from three different responses illustrate how several students have addressed the way that the
setting functions in the construction of their texts.
In No Country For Old Men, the combination of lighting and sound portray the desert setting as a harsh, unforgiving
environment and produces a narrative possibility as well as a symbol of death.
(on Psycho, when Marian has decided to return the money.) …reinforcing the idea is the way the space behind Marian is a blank,
white wall whilst behind Norman the room is cluttered with dark objects & long shadows engulf the room. The dark, looming
house on top of the hill links in with the genre of horror of the film as its function is to increase the anxiety of the audience.
The mise en scene also contributes to the establishment of setting as we see meticulous wide open spaces, sanitized and in perfect
condition. Technology is also fundamental as we see its dominance in Gattaca and the underlying themes of genetic and
technological advancements in the narrative.  "

I'm about to do this as a practice now so I'll post my answer up soon!

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