I know I shouldn't be worrying about it, especially during exams, but I applied for an early entry scholarship (based on this years SAC scores) at a particular University and I just found out I didn't get in, so I'm a little worried that I'm not going to get into my second preference Uni.

In Further Maths I average around 60-70% in my SACs and I know for a fact I got 65% on my multiple choice exam on Monday. I get around 65-70% on my SACs in HHD, I've got two C+'s, one A and two A+'s in English, I got a C+ on my mid-year Psych exam and I get anything between 50%-80% on my SACs in Phys. Ed.

I know there is an ATAR calculator but I'm not too sure what my raw scores would be?

Can anyone help?

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The best way to work it out would be just by estimating your study scores and using the ATAR Calculator

You could work them out by multiplying your estimated percentage as a decimal (0.75 for 75%) by 50, and then factor in where you stand in your class, and the fact that 30 is average, not 25.

So based on your estimates, my study score estimating technique and the ATAR calc's results, you're looking at around around a 75.00, but don't hold me to that. Most of your marks seem to be around the 35 score.

The best way is to have a go at the ATAR calc and calculate what you think is the most likely low score you'd get and the most like high score, and then you'll have the range.

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Cheers for indicative ATAR, you've definitely made me feel a bit better and restored some confidence! I'll let you know my score when it's released!