I need help with my VCE Industry & Enterprise work. At the moment, I am studying globalisation and it's negative a positive effects on Australia. I am a bit stumped on a couple of questions though, so can anyone help?

1) Explain how globalisation is a worldwide trend and Australia cannot shut itself out of the process.

2) What are some of the negative impacts of the globalisation process on Australia?

Also, there is a task all about the phasing out of plastic bags in Australian supermarkets and grocers that I am not sure about either.

1) Major motivation of political parties and Planet Ark to phase out the use of plastic bags?

2) Impact on Australian industries if the phase out goes ahead.

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1 Answer

I'm doing international studies and have also studied globalisation, albeit in a different context. For q2, you could talk about how the increased mobility in capital and reduction in trade barriers have allowed multi-national corporations (MNCs) to establish their businesses in countries (usually developing countries) which allow them to maximise profit margins. Developing countries often compete to attract/retain MNC investment by lowering environmental and labour standards, basically a 'race to the bottom', and thus MNCs can save in those areas. Australia is therefore disadvantaged as MNCs with operations in Australia have an incentive to move operations to countries where it will become cheaper.

Hope it helps!

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