Hi. Im a year 10 student, and I was just wondering what your thoughts are about specialist maths (vce). I'm considering doing it next year, and my maths teachers are encouraging me to do it, im a capable student and i enjoy maths but I dont want to get a really bad score. What do you think about spec?

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You have to really enjoy maths. After all, if you are doing methods and spesh, they'll be two or your 4/5/6 subjects in year 11 and 12, up from one out of 6/7/8 in year 10.

I really enjoyed advanced general in year 11, not so much in year 12, partly because of teachers, and partly because it's a whole lot harder. I'm finding that I don't like maths as much as I thought I did!

Despite that, I'd say go for it, and do it at least in year 11; if you find you don't like it you can always change to something else midway through the year or at the beginning of year 12, but you can't pick it up midway through year 11 if you think you might like to try it.

It certainly makes methods 3/4 a lot easier as well, since there's quite a bit of overlap.

But obviously I know nothing about you, your school and your individual circumstances, so that's just my view. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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You're very right, Sam.

When I was in Year 10, I was really confused too, but my teacher suggested me to give it a go and I ended up loving it. :)
Once you enjoy it, just remember to know your basics and think outside the square by applying all your basics.

Good luck with spec and best wishes with all you do.

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