I'm in year 10 and I'm choosing my year 11 subjects.

I'm considering doing VCE Accounting 3/4 in year 11. I've already completed units 1 and 2 this year, and my marks have been quite good but to be honest I don't have a passion for the subject and it's not very stimulating.

Should I put in some elbow grease and finish it off or would it be wiser to choose something else.

I want to get into medicine so my ATAR score is quite important to me.

What's your advice?

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2 Answers

If your doing well maybe you should pursue the subject cause it will put another subject behind your ATAR score and that's always a plus!

But what I found in my subject I am in year ten complete units 1&2 Legal Studies is that I'm not passionate about it anymore, and have lost focus and interest so if you see this happening it could be best that you drop it.

You don't want to continue and do not so well cause your bored of it than do a subject of which you love and succeed!

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Accounting units 3 and 4 to me is not as hard as units 1 and 2 mainly because it is a recap of what you learn in units 1 and 2.

Don't drop it because you think it is too hard. However, like Dani said if you are starting to lose interest in the subject, then you are probably better of with dropping the subject.

It is only with interest in the subject, I believe you can get a good mark. And to get medicine you really need a good mark for all your subjects, including accounting if you do it.

Unit 3 requires a lot more work than unit 4 because you have to cram a lot of topics for the mid-year exam. The good thing about this is that because there are a lot of topics to be examined, the examiners will only have limited questions on each topic so that most of the topics can be covered in the 90 minute exam.

However, in Unit 4 there only fewer topics and therefore the examiners will be able to examine certain topics with good depth, obviously this will attract harder questions. In my opinion, you probably should keep doing accounting, all you need to do it try to motivate your self were ever possible. Also, if you want a good mark, it is vital that you have a good teacher, because to a study score of over 40, you cannot leave any stones untouched.

Hope this helps you.

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