If you could give one piece of advice to a VCE student starting Year 12 next year, what would it be?

What's the one thing you wish you knew at the beginning of the year?

For teachers and tutors, what is the one insight you would like to instil in your students?

All answers welcome.

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3 Answers

At the end of the day the VCE and ENTERs and all that are just a numbers, they aren't a reflection of whether or not a person will be successful in the future. There are many different ways and different paths to take. In other words, it's not the end of the world if you don't get the score you want, the sun will come up the next day.

Other than that, as long as they try their best, that's all you can ask.

As for me, when I was doing year twelve, I wish I had have put in a little more effort, rather than just coast through.

Year 12 goes so fast, so you need to be organised.

And yet another one: Balance is a key as well. You can't study all the time, you need to have some releases.

Just some ramblings..

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The one thing I wish I had known at the beginning of Year 12 was that my ENTER score wasn't the be all of end all. And also that in order to maintain some of my sanity, that organisation and balance between work and play is a must!

In Year 12 I found I was working myself into the ground, and by the time my final exams came along, I cracked under the pressure. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with my ENTER score. It is only in the last year - my second year of university - that I have come to realise that my ENTER score was not the most important thing in the world during Year 12. I was so busy burying my nose in textbooks that I forgot to relax every now and then. And with so many things to study and remember in Year 12, a little time to play is well deserved!

If you don't get the ENTER score you want, don't panic. With determination and persistence, it is possible to achieve the most difficult of goals.

And most importantly, try and enjoy Year 12. After all, it is your last year of high school!

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As a teacher, there are a few things:

Listen when your teacher keeps banging on about something. There is probably a reason.
Don't think that you can only do well if you focus on science/maths.  Literature, Religion and Society and Revolutions are subjects that are often scaled up and can help you improve your ATAR too.  They can also help you build your understandings and abilities to improve your English score (which has to go into your ATAR)
Use the opportunities that your teachers give you to draft your work - they are doing it for love not money
Even if you bomb out on one SAC, you can redeem it.  Don't get disheartened.
Choose one subject for love.  It'll be worth it.

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