What would you want and expect from your English Teacher over the remaining months before the exam?

How would you, as a student, ideally spend your remaining class time?

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Great question!

Personally, I would like a teacher that doesn't force me into using class time in the way that they organise it. Class time should be mostly free.

I also expect them to give feedback on my exams.

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Give as much help as you can on how to structure a good essay quickly and easily.  I'm a big fan of the student's thoughts being their own, but helping them get those thoughts out easily and quickly can make the biggest difference.

Something i didn't find out about until I started tutoring English is an excellent example, the TEEL principle for helping paragraphs flow.

T opic Sentence

E xpansion - Definitions, Meanings related to topic, How concepts are being looked at.

E xplanation - Meat of the paragraph with quotes and deeper analysis

L ink - Conceptual, but not artifical link to lead into the next logical topic.

This makes essays easier to write as the student and read as the examiner.

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Before the English Exam, I think the teacher should go through exam questions with the class and reinforce important points. I think private study is a waste of remaining class time. This year, in my year 12 subject, we had private study and everyone just chat. Also, you can do private study at home; why not utilise the teacher?

Nlcolai: I originally used your version of TEEL. However, this year, in year 11, my teacher taught it slightly differently.

*T*opic Sentence: indicates the main point the paragraph focuses on.

*E*vidence: introduce evidence that supports the point made in the paragraph

*E*xplanation: explain how the evidence supports your statements about the text and your response to the topic.

*L*ink back to the topic using key terms.

MrBates: for year 12 is this the most effective way of building a body paragraph? Thanks!

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