Do you have to apply individual for each VTAC and individual universities scholarship or is it automatic when you do the VTAC scholarship form?
Also, is there any opportunity for scholarship for anyone who gets an ATAR less than 90 and is unsuitable for SEAS?

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VTAC does not itself grant scholarships, it is only responsible for tertiary study applications. Institutions and organisations are the ones offering scholarships.
There is a VTAC scholarship form which covers a number of scholarships in the same application and will be received by many institutions organisations. Some universities etc. require a separate application.
There are certainly opportunities for scholarships, but you need grounds for the scholarship. Getting under 90 does not grant you eligibility for a scholarship, but for example if you come from a low socioeconomic background you may be eligible for a scholarship.
VTAC has a range of information regarding scholarships and more here.

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Hi there,

My name is Nicola and I work at Swinburne University.

There will be some instances where you will need to individually apply for certain scholarships at different universities.

For example, The Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship at Swinburne is actually listed as a course which you would need to have in your VTAC preference list - and I imagine other universities may have similar procedures.

As the first answer mentioned, there are a range of scholarships opportunities available to you regardless of your ATAR, for example equity scholarships, or scholarships granted to rural or regional students.

VTAC have a useful website which links through to scholarship information for each university in Melbourne.


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