If you had to 'tier' rank all the major universities, how would you, roughly?

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It depends entirely on what you want to do. The Group of Eight universities (Australian National University, Melbourne Uni, Monash, Sydney Uni, University of New South Wales, University of Adelaide, University of Queensland and University of Western Australia) all rank within the top 100 in the world, with ANU normally topping the list from Australia, but certain unis do things better than others. For example, ANU has fantastic research science, but you wouldn't want to do music there.

Going by most of the external university rankings, it tends to go ANU, then Melbourne and Sydney really close, then UQ, Monash and UNSW fairly close, then Adelaide and UWA a fair way behind the others, but realistically, they're all pretty good.

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In the latest Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings for 2009 these are the Universities that made the top 200:

-Australian National University - 16th
-University of Melbourne - 36=th
-University of Sydney - 36=th
-University of Queensland - 41st
-Monash University -45th
-University of NSW - 47=th
-University of Adelaide - 81st
-University of Western Australia -84th
-Macquarie University - 189th

Not in the top 200

-RMIT     (223)
-University of Technology Sydney     (232)
-La Trobe University     (241)
-Curtin University of Technology     (=244)
-Queensland University of Technology     (=244)
-University of Wollongong        (251)
-Flinders University     (254)
-University of Newcastle     (266)
-Griffith University     (291)
-University of South Australia       (295)
University of Tasmania       (326)
-Deakin University       (=355)
-James Cook University       (=355)

So you could probably say that ANU stands in tier 1 by itself, UoM, UoS, UoQ, Monash and UoNSW are in the 2nd tier, UoA, UoWA in the 3rd tier and then everything else in the 4th?

Remember that these rankings are not always the best indicator of how good a University is and now because they have identified this the new rankings for this year are using a different methodology to calculate the rankings. And then there are also different ranking systems which rank Australian Universitys poorly.

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If i were to rank it would most likely be:
1. ANU
2. Melb, Sydney
3. Monash, UQ & UNSW
4. Other Go8s

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Hi there,

My name is Nicola and I work at Swinburne University.

As already stated in previous answers, it's hard to rank universities in tiers (or generally), as it can depend a lot on what course you're interested in, and what factors are taken into account in the major ranking lists - such as the Times Higher Education QS World University Rankings and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Rankings of World Universities.

Another thing to keep in mind is the Good Universities Guide. Swinburne has been rated as the best university in Melbourne for teaching quality for the last five years, but doesn't appear in the top 100 - 200 list of universities in the Times Higher Education QS World Rankings (but are ranked in the top 500).

So that just goes to show there are a number of other factors which universities are rated and ranked on! It's up to you to choose a university based on your own interests and the course you'd like to study in the future.

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