I personally believe the methods in today's schools are outdated and the traditional text book learning don't work for all students.

Is there any online content I can register or pay for that is similar in style to the services Blackboard offers to University students? E.g: Power-point slides, mp3 podcasts and video tutorials?

In other words, are there any online VCE tutors out there?

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1 Answer

Well if you are after VCE Methods resources in SPECIFIC,

http://www.vcehelp.com.au/category/vce-math-methods/ offers podcasts/ revision lecture dates/advice

http://www.mav.vic.edu.au/  is the Mathematical Association of Victoria, and offers many things for sale including resources such as exams, questions, books, guides.

http://pdfdatabase.com/index.php?q=vce+maths+methods+exam contains a variety of PDF downloads together with word documents of Methods related content.

http://www.itute.com/ a great resource for Methods, Specialist and Sciences. It contains free summary notes, exams, tutors, advice, reference material and  worksheets

Please Note I do not personally endorse any of them as I do not do Maths Methods, but I have tried itute, and it was useful, the rest are sources I have heard from people and come across.

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