Hi, so in year 11 I completed business management units 3&4 and got a study score of 35 raw. And right now (in year 12) I'm doing 5 subjects and I was just wondering is it better to keep going with the 5 subjects or only take 4 subjects in year 12 so that I can focus more on all my subjects? Health is the subject that I took up to replace Business management and it's very time consuming and it scales down so should I just drop it and concentrate more on my other subjects that scale up? Very confused! Please help!!

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It depends on whether you think the time you save from dropping your 6th subject (5th subject this year) will gain you significantly more points in your top 4 subjects.

Assuming you get 35 in your other 4 subjects, and 30 in Health, you would have a total aggregate score of 146.5 (35*4 + 3.5 + 3.0).

If you dropped health, and that helped you increase the score of your other 4 subjects by 1 point each, that would give you a total aggregate score of 147.5 (36*4 + 3.5).

So as you can see with the mocked up numbers above, if you believe dropping Health will give you more than ~1 point of extra performance in your other subjects, it could make sense to drop it.

However, you should keep in mind that an additional point of raw score gets harder and harder. 30 means you're doing better than ~50% of students, but 40 means you're doing better than ~8% of students. Every point climb from 30 to 40 gets harder and harder.

The opposite effect holds... it is much easier to get your first 20-30 points than the last 20-30 points. Thus, the other possibility you may want to consider is, what if I neglect Health, but still do it? You may end up getting a very unsatisfactory score of 20 or 25, but if it takes you 10% of the time, you still get 2.0-2.5, which could be worth your while.

Best of luck for your VCE studies!

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If you do 5 subjects this year, you will have the full 6 subjects for the atar, so it would be a good idea to do 5 subjects this syear

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