What is 'disapproving'?

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Disapproving is when you don't agree with someone or something.
Disapproving is closely related to not liking something, but that is more commonly called 'disliking'.

For example, I gave the person on the train a disapproving look because he had his feet on the seat.

I just realised that you may mean the legal term 'disapproving'. In that case, here's the other definition.

"In some instances a court is bound by a precedent but expresses its disapproval of the precedent. This is known as disapproving. This does not change a precedent, but a higher court, when deciding a later case, may choose to agree with the court that disapproved of the precedent and decide to overrule that precedent."

(Taken from Access & Justice 12e-Legal Studies for VCE Units 1&2)