Really stressing out as I did VCE maths methods for a prerequisite and haven't been doing very well, and really need a 25 for my course preference.

I have gotten so far:

  • High C+ for SACs (which may scale to an 'B' as my cohort is strong),
  • High C for exam 1, and;
  • Mid/high C (~57/160) for exam 2;

Will that give me a 25 raw score this year in maths methods?


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As you may know, the raw study score is normally distributed with a mean of 30 and standard deviation of 7. To get a 25 means you would be in the bottom 24% of the state.

That is what it all underpins. Will your total score be better than 24% of the state? If it is, you will get 25. It's hard to tell from the absolute scores e.g. 57/160

From my understanding, typically "C" means you have an average score. If this is true, then you're on target for a score of 30 and you should be fine.

It may be comforting to know that the drop from 30 to 25 means you're going from "worse than 50% of people" to "worse than 76% of people". You have to drop below another 26% of people in order to fall below 25 (assuming you are at the average now) so it is pretty safe. This is, of course, assuming that C's get you 30, which could be a big assumption.

Most importantly though, you cannot influence the scores any more. Try not to worry about the things you cannot control too much, and best of luck for when they do come out. Most people's lives are made on how they react to difficult situations, so keep that in mind if you get an unhappy result.

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