Is there anyone who can submit an A+ Stasiland text response on memory? Thanks!

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Memory and "Stasiland"?

I think you would be pretty hopeful for someone to write an A+ essay for you BUT you never know ...
Some thoughts though, on a text response essay on "Stasiland" and the theme of "Memory".
Funder is reporting “memories”, “reminiscences” told to her by individuals whose stories have not be told before (at least not in English!). “Memory” is vulnerable to change for a variety of reasons – exaggeration, forgetfulness, guilt, shame, psychological trauma, etc. This does not reduce the power of the stories they tell, indeed their “implausibility” has its own fragile redolence (pun intended), as the author and the reader seek to believe what many would choose not to want to believe.
"Stasiland" is an act of "re-membering" in that it attempts to put together a collective and an individual past that was almost expunged 1989 with the end of the GDR. As she finds out, not all people are keen to remember ... thus knowing how to forget should not be ignored in your essay. The past she creates/reports is not her own account of the pre-1989 era, but that of others whom she interviews, thus her impartiality as a narrator should always be taken into consideration.

As an "outsider" Funder's own journey derives much of its authenticity from how she allows her "subjects" to recall their past as well as how Funder frames their narratives.

As she acknowledges, “Memory, like so much else, is unreliable. Not only for what it hides and what it alters, but also for what it reveals." (p. 216)

You may find the following article revealing:


Hope this helps?